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Your legal ally

Who are we? Why us?

A firm specialized in the legal attention of startups and small/medium companies.  We provide unlimited top-tier legal services free from hourly fees. Depending on the size of your company we agree on a flat fee with which you can access all our services.  Our goal is to walk along with startups from their incorporation until their exit, driving them into success.   

A more accessible, reliable and efficient way of dealing with legal matters: 

We are a combination of A+ attention (similar to a "traditional firm"), and the rapidness and close response that an internal lawyer could deliver. All of this for a fixed fee 3 times more accessible than traditional fees. 

Our team members obtained their degrees from the greatest law schools in Mexico and count with many years of experience in traditional firms and corporate companies such as WLL-CMS, Larios y Asociados, DYA TMT LAW,

Invex Bank (Transactional Banking), Cultural Centers of Mexico, A.C. (Universidad Panamericana), Free Social Law Firm, A.C.Congress of the Union and Civil Society & González Schmal Abogados.

We have worked with startups from more than 10 countries and we deeply understand the ecosystem and venture capital operations. Our working philosophy is to fully understand your business and become an ally that can act and deliver with the rapidness and adaptability that you need.

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