Jaime Deschamps

Founder & CEO

Lawyer graduated from the Universidad Panamericana, graduating with Cum Laude mention, through the defense of his thesis "Critical analysis of the historical evolution of the regulation of leasing in the legislation of Mexico City".

He has more than 6 years of experience providing legal and business advice to different companies working in offices such as: WLL-CMS, Larios y Asociados and, DYA TMT LAW.

Jaime is the founder of the BLP Advisors, a firm that has revolutionized the legal advisory of startups and SMEs in Mexico; Scope Ventures a comprehensive business development startup; PUNTO I, a company dedicated to the connectivity of rural areas; Simple Management, a soccer player´s promotion and management firm, among other ventures.

In his academic experience, Jaime was coordinator and editor of the book "Of Civil Contracts in the Legislation of Mexico City", by Master Fausto Rico Álvarez. Likewise, he is an exhibitor for entrepreneurs about the importance of law in the company.

Jaime is currently studying the "specialty in Commercial Law" in the Escuela Libre de Derecho. Additionally, he counts with diverse courses and diplomats including "Tax Law" from the AMDF, "Notarial update" from the notarial college, "Digital Marketing" from the Market Place.

He is fluent in English and Spanish, likewise, he speaks basic French.