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The future of law

Lawers and founders will now be able to understand in minutes the current legal state & the applicable legal obligations of their companies. Easily correct red flags & fulfill all their legal needs through automated processes. Receive updates every time a regulation with a direct effect is changed &  centralize all their legal matters. 
Answer a 10 min survey
Upload your legal documents
We will review your current state, needs and blindspots
Obtain immediately input on the legal obligations of your company & the red flags of your current documents.
Obtain a step-by-step automated process to correct  the identified red flags of your current documents 
Obtain legal guidance & automatically generate the legal documents to fulfill all your missing  obligations.
Generate legal documents for your company's operations, and obtain answers to legal doubts
Maintain your legal documents in one single place and obtain automated summaries.
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Thanks for your interest! We will keep you posted.

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