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How can I hire foreign workers in Mexico?

In Mexico, the first thing you need to do is to obtain the employer's registration certificate from the National Immigration Institute, for which you must submit a series of documents including:

* Form filled out electronically that must be printed and signed by promoter. You can find this form at:

Be careful with its filling, since, for any error in the format your procedure will be denied (it is possible that they will allow you to go out to correct it and resubmit it the same day but it is complicated) and, in case you need to make any change you will have to submit a new procedure. 📣

Take into account that the representatives that you indicate in the form, will be the only ones that will be able to sign the letters of offer of employment that will have to be presented in order to obtain the temporary residence card of a worker and, in case you want to add new representatives, you will have to present a new procedure. ⚠

* Articles of Incorporation or the public instrument evidencing the legal existence of the legal entity, as well as its modifications. Original and Copy

* Public instrument stating the type of power of attorney or mandate and the powers conferred to the legal representatives or to the attorneys-in-fact if the articles of incorporation do not contain them. Original and Copy

* Current official identification of the legal representative or attorney-in-fact. Original and Copy

* Proof of domicile in the name of a legal entity, whose date of issue does not exceed thirty calendar days. Original and Copy. It can be lease and CSF.

* Proof of registration in the RFC, Original and Copy.

* Proof issued by the competent authority, on the presentation of the last tax return. Original and Copy

* List of employees and their nationality. Original

* Payment of fees = $346.00

Once you have all the documents you must go to the offices of the National Institute of Migration, in Mexico City, you can find them at Av. Ejército Nacional Mexicano 862-1st. floor, Polanco, Polanco II Secc, Miguel Hidalgo.

To get an appointment, you will have to wait in line for approximately 2 hours and you should arrive around 6 a.m., once you have the corresponding appointment, you will be given a time to return the same day to present the procedure (different people can request an appointment and present the procedure, you must take into account that whoever presents the procedure must be authorized in the format indicated in the first paragraph).

Once you submit your application (which may take between 2 and 3 hours), you will be given a certificate. With this document you will be able to start the application process for temporary residency due to a job offer.

The certificate will have to be renewed every year, presenting proof of filing of the annual tax return.

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