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  • Jaime Deschamps

E Myth

The book E myth is one of the Bibles that every entrepreneur should know.

In this book, the entrepreneur can fully identify how lonely and overwhelming it can become to carry out the entrepreneurial dream.

Michael E Gerber invites us to reflect on the difference between three major roles in the company, the technician, the entrepreneur and the manager.

He warns us that the worst boss that can exist is sometimes ourselves and vindicates the concept that in order to be an entrepreneur we must learn to work in the business and not for the business.

In this book, we find the recipe to prevent our business from consuming us and guides us to create a replicable business model.

And myth guides us in the implementation of processes and manuals as the essence of any successful business, as well as in the establishment of clear objectives and the delimitation of roles.

A recommended book for anyone looking to liven up their path to a successful business that operates as a living organ.

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